No cryptids, no special features…just back to the week ahead and some links. Glibs HQ has been a down place lately. This summer has not been kind.

The week to come:

Monday – Animal will have more on the Legionnaire coming up. KK will give us a look at the RV life this evening.

Tuesday – RC Dean will give us a take on the Dobbs decision. Later on, db writes of friendship.

Wednesday – SugarFree frantically tries to keep ahead of reality. Then, CPRM has another Hat and Hair for us.

Thursday – Raven Nation takes along on a bit of travel. RJ gives us Glibflick (BigFoot or Bust) to make the evening more fun. Maybe STEVE SMITH will drop in? By drop in, mean…

Friday – The Daily Stoic lends a hand. The evening is RJ again, this time with Glib Car.

Weekend – The fine mix of beer reviews, astrology and fitness, mixed in with links, that you have come to expect!


OK, Links now.

  • Entitled NY pol acts like entitled NY pol…shocking, I know.
  • How is that Belt n’ Road thing going? Oh, and why is it every time I see an international mining debacle, I see “Rio Tinto” mentioned?
  • ATOMIC HOBO learns the process is the punishment (or just round one).
  • Why so serious?

Music Link.


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