That’s what I’m talking about.

Some dude that calls himself, “Spud” pm’d me and asked if I’d cover the links. I said sure, even though Spud is a pretty stupid name compared to Combat Wolf Furry.

What is a CWF? Well, I’m a furry, but I’m a wolf furry. And I go into combat, bitches. That’s all you need to know.

Now let’s try this links thing.


I would just grab that little monkeypox with my tail, and choke the shit out of it.


Take down the Maga King?!? Good luck with that.


If you stuck with raw meat like I do, you wouldn’t have these problems.


As a furry, I fully support this.


As long as you keep it in the family, it’s totes okay.


Okay, this was entertaining, but it’s time to prepare for combat.