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BREAKING: US DOJ moves to unseal Mar-a-Lago search warrant, related materials, just ahead of no-questions-allowed press conference by AG (and SCOTUS wannabe) Merrick Garland. “See, we are transparent.”

UNFOLDING INCIDENT STARTED AT CINCINNATI FBI OFFICE: Armed man tries to breach FBI security, exchanges gunfire with local police, flees.


INNOCENT PEOPLE DON’T PLEAD THE FIFTH: Law professor and political commentator Jessica Levinson helpfully explains why pleading the fifth in a criminal case might backfire on Trump in a subsequent civil trial.

THEY HATE IT WHEN YOU LAUGH AT THEM: Heckler laughs at Texas politician Beto O’Rourke as he calls for gun control. Beto then loses it and calls the heckler a motherfucker, and his trained seals clap. Remember this: they cannot stand mockery, they cannot stand not being taken seriously.

SECESSION MOVEMENT, BUT NOT WHERE YOU THINK: Voters in Southern California’s San Bernardino County will soon get to say whether they want the county to potentially secede from the state. Secession not likely to succeed, since it would require both state and federal approval. But it would be an eye-poke for progressives who can’t stand that anyone might not to live under their woke regimes. And there is the precedent of West Virginia, which is similar in size, population, and meth consumption. San Bernadino borders both Nevada and Arizona.

FLORIDA INTRODUCES GADSDEN FLAG LICENSE PLATE, LIBERALS WHINE: Gov. Ron DeSantis said a new Florida license plate featuring the Gadsden flag sends a “clear message to out-of-state cars.” Critics say it symbolizes a dangerous far-right extremist ideology. Virginia already has these, as do several other states.

GET OUT THE POPCORN: Cleveland Orchestra’s insurance refuses to pay for treatment for complications related to the employee’s gender-affirmation elective cosmetic surgery performed before the employee was hired. Not sure if this qualifies as a pre-existing condition, but its the same principle. This suit was brought in federal court. Note that the term “transsexual” is used; you don’t hear that often, anymore.

HOUSEKEEPING! [KNOCK, KNOCK]: Glibs contributing writers, this is for you. WebDom has migrated/updated/prestidigitated the Glibs website from WordPress version 5.8.x to version 6.0.1, the latest version. For you non-computer nerds, when the most significant digit changes in software version number it’s a big fucking deal. We now have access to the new WordPress Block Editor, aka Gutenberg Editor. Don’t panic, you can continue to use the WordPress Classic Editor. But now you know what to do if you are presented a choice of editors, or if the editor looks strangely different.