I was hired in mid May to be an auto parts delivery driver and even having nothing but life experience was hired, so far so good.
I only drive the in town runs so my basic territory is 3 miles up, and 3 miles down M31 the main drag. We are unique in that we are mostly B to B and our orders are internet originated. This means we get an order, pull parts, scan and deliver them in 15 minutes or less.
The system is amazingly simple, and its actually a lot of fun, dodging fudgies and the ancient ones, all while keeping to the speed limit. I rarely speak to my customers, in and out like a wraith, and my efforts have gained our shop bonuses,
I get to do counter work on Saturday to learn the system, customer service is a no brainer, but boy the customers up here.
“I need me a brake filter fo a ’49 john deere, you got one”
“Are you open?”
” Is this the only store in town?”
” I need a plug for my boat”
But the cars that come in are classic, one left in the world kind of machines.

1966 Mustang

Convertibles are popular

See? Even a Jaguar

1978 Stingray, all original


Chevelle Malibu



Valued employee

There are many other cars stuck on my hard drive, I wrote this on my phone so I have no access.

I don’t plan on a career in auto parts but its a nice gig even for the low wages, and next time you have work done on your car remember,

I did that.

Drive on