I spent the last week or so in California on account of a child’s soccer tournament.  We could put them in a sport that is indoors, but that would make way too much sense.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So I might be spending more time there in the summer.

Meanwhile my new favorite person to be irritated by, is the coach.

Time for the links!


I swear I keep reading this story about avocado shortages yet have no trouble finding them in stores.  Then again, I swear I wrote an article with this subject as a punchline.

¿Qué? ¡Yo también puedo echar a los comunistas!

Cool!  I get to break out the helicopter joke! No, not that one.  The now obscure Murdock crashing the chopper joke.

You fucked up by trusting the Colombian government to protect you.

More of this.  How can we get more of this?

I don’t know what chuffs me to bits more, bitching out Gilbert Grape, or drawing the ire of progressives by building MoAr RoAdZ…through the Amazon.

NBC buries the lead on this one.  Turns out El Presidente Dude Bro is actually really popular with Salvadorans. Although 90% seems suspicious.  The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it has to do with the IMF crusade against his Bitcoin evangelism…nah.

Meanwhile in the poster child for simping for IMF loans…


A tune I heard this morning.