Can we get more libertarian that this?


So apparently, I was in Glibs Gulch last weekend. All I remember is a remarkable tribute to the memory of SP, and a great deal of fun with friends I’ve only chatted online with. Oh, and I apparently bought a house there. Whether you could make it or not, SP would have been honored by the outpouring of love and support. And in the words of Nephilium, “only in this group, would people break into someones house to clean up”.

Anyways, SP would not want us to not keep the trains running on time, so here are some links!


Look at all those people democracying.


I hope I have the Plague on my bingo card for 2023.


I’m not surprised at all. There is nothing better than being out in nature.


Please, please let it be so.


Not if you’re looking at a slice of chorizo.


Dogs gonna dog, dog.


Uhh, there’s music in here somewhere. I’ll be in my bunk.