“Back to the salt mines.”

There’s really not much to talk about in the world of sports the last couple of days. I wish that weren’t the case but it is.  Instead I’m focused on the first day of school for my kids. And that day has arrived. So I get that do deal with when I’m done providing you with…the links!

I’m confused. Wasn’t the decision already made? It was made when the borrowers signed the loan agreement paperwork, which clearly laid out the terms for repayment and the penalties for non-payment.  Joe Biden didn’t have anything to do with it then and he shouldn’t have anything to do with it now.


Holy shit. This asshole is still alive? I’m shocked he hasn’t been consumed by the earth yet.

This really happened? If so…good! I’m sure these people will be better stewards of the money than the government would be. Also, this is misleading, as he will pay tax on the sale of the stock as will everybody else who received it. But either way, I very much doubt there was anything illegal going on here, so this is little more than a hit piece.

Sue everybody! I’m sorry, but this is absurd.  I hope this is a publicity stint.

A dangerous herd when startled

This seems dangerous to me. What happens if somebody shows up with a gun? Those thirty could end up stampeding kids as they run out as fast as they can. Which I have no doubt would be their response.

Speaking of school, this kind of shit fires me up. And what’s sad is that nobody, from Randi Weingarten to Lori Lightfoot, will be held accountable for the lives and education they took away from these kids.

I always loved Family Feud. But these guys took it a bit too far. I wish there was video. Alas, I am yet to find any.

This is quality trolling. And that “political expert” can kiss my ass. We’ve listened to people seriously calling us (in addition to conservatives) that for years now. Tough shit if it offends him.

Here’s one to get the blood pumping this morning. What a great beat.  And just in case that one didn’t get your toe tapping (at a minimum), this one surely will. If not, go see a doctor.

Right. Now get out there and have a great day, dear friends!