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I am afraid I cannot use such cringe imagery for a links featured image, but I have to put it here.  Who’s the Argentine?  Javier Millei. An anarchocapilalist politician.

Regarding his romantic life he has suggested in a La Nación interview that he is a champion of free love, and in a local TV program stated that he took part in several threesomes and that he is a Tantra instructor, in his words being “capable of remaining three months without ejaculating” and “bad cow.”

Yes, he’s a nut, but he’s a nut we can root for.


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The unexpected news over the weekend is the unexpected turnout for Bolsonaro in the Brazilian election.  Support for Bolsonaro unexpectedly were not apparent in polls prior to the election, for some reason… Ignacio Lula de Silva, the  communist candidate (I am using this in the strictest academic sense), unexpectedly failed to achieve 50% of the vote.  Therefore the top two candidates unexpectedly will be subject to a unexpected runoff election.

Seriously, everyone expected the communist to win.  The propaganda transcends borders.

Elsewhere in Latin America…US-Mexico-Canada trade disputes over energy.  They want Brazil to be poor.

Most dangerous country for…environmentalists?


I know what you’re thinking, these guys again? Yup. More Satanic imagery, more underhanded Jungian lyrics, more space organs, more suggestive ballet dancers…its all there.