I don’t really feel those ’emotion’ things. So I get very confused by people spewing hatred for things, or those who ‘fucking love’ things. I’m interested in things. Some things elicit a slight chuckle. I’m not interested in other things. But the whole idea of wrapping one’s self in total devotion or love for someone or something is very foreign to me (except my nieces and nephews, until they turn 10 or so, then they get boring). So I was never one of those people who HATED John McCain. Early on before I caught onto his grift I kind of didn’t mind him. I found it interesting how he was a darling of the left and ‘The Maverick’ because he and Lieberman would work together. Then one day he became LITERALLY HITLER with that WOMAN HATING FAKE WOMAN running as his VP pick. Years after his brain had already rotted away he somehow got brain cancer, and then rebelled against the brand new LITERALLY HITLER.  A medical miracle.