I still need to add a recipe to the Thanksgiving Recipe deal.  I might try a new brine this year, the one last year contained sugar and since I prefer to deep-fry resulted in what I can only describe as “mahogany turkey.”

Which would be great if it were really mahogany.

Now for some links:

Caution: May be a carrier for parasites, food borne illnesses, and COVID-19

¿Como se dice, “I’ll take things that didn’t happened for $1000” en español?

If they don’t hold kids in a detention center, where will they put them?

Chicano Hispanic Tejano Mexican American politicians are offended the Mexican president still hasn’t congratulated Joe Biden.  Cry more, pussies.

Belize had an election.  Who knew?

Its called Iota.  Somebody come up with a joke about not caring one iota because otherwise I got nothin.

Hey, at least we’re not Peru, amirite!?


Music from a guy that likes Planet Fitness…because YOU CAN DEADLIFT ON THE SMITH MACHINE.